Teaching 21st Century Genre:

Chair: Dr Katie Shaw, Leeds Beckett University


David Avital, Bloomsbury – Publishing 21st Century Genres

Professor Gina Wisker – Teaching contemporary C21st (and C20th) Gothic

Dr Kate Aughterson – Teaching (Feminist) Utopias

Genre has become an increasingly significant part of academic and popular criticism since the year 2000. The study of genre can offer insight into twenty-first century developments across literary studies and the function of new genres in an ever-changing world. In looking closely at teaching practice, this dialogue will ask where and why ‘new’ twenty-first century genres have originated, and to which other genres do they owe a debt of influence.

The interactive session will unite interdisciplinary perspectives encouraging dialogue across boundaries to ask if the politics of genre can offer insights into developments to teaching English in the twenty-first century. In a panel dialogue, participants and attendees will discuss:

•             teaching genre in the twenty-first century

•             multi-disciplinary genre developments

•             teaching new genres and authors

•             teaching technology, social media and genre

•             teaching popular culture and parody

•             the future of genre and classroom practice

The dialogue will be chaired by Dr Katy Shaw, editor of Teaching The New English: C21 Genre (Palgrave 2016) and will include David Avital, editor and publisher of the Bloomsbury C21 Genre Fiction monograph series, as well as Prof Gina Wisker and Dr Kristian Shaw who both have chapters in Teaching C21 Genre (Palgrave 2016). Together, they will encourage participants to consider the role and reputation of genre in the global teaching of English Literature today and how and why the academy has responded to some of the most successful publishing trends of the new millennium.

Wednesday 5th July, 12.30