The Future of the Victorians: Victorians in the 21st Century

Chair: Dr Patricia Pulham (BAVS/University of Portsmouth)


Dr Lucy-Ella Rose (University of Surrey) – ‘The Forgotten Archive of Mary Watts: Artist, Writer, Suffragist’.

Prof. Kate Newey (University of Exeter) – ‘Victorian Studies from the Borderlands’

Prof. Ann Heilmann – ‘Neo-Victorianism: Reinventing the Victorians in the Contemporary’

This panel will exemplify some of the different paths Victorian studies have taken in the 21st Century. Lucy-Ella Rose’s work with the Watts Gallery  exemplifies the interdisciplinarity of contemporary research on the Victorians; Kate Newey’s paper focuses on performance and new directions in Victorian theatre studies; and Ann Heilmann will discuss the Neo-Victorian phenomenon and its intersections with Victorian literature and criticism.

Thursday 6th July, 11.00