Literary Research and Teaching in the Age of DH

Chair: Dr Clare Hutton, Programme Director for English, Loughborough University


Dr Clare Hutton, Loughborough University – Ulysses and Hermeneutics in the Age of Digitality

Dr Catie Gill, Loughborough University – Researching Pandemonium using Digital Resources

Jenna Townend, PhD student, Loughborough University – Quantitative network analysis: The case of George Herbert and The Temple (1633)

Professor Nigel Wood, Loughborough University – Using the OED to trace linguistic patterns

While English at Loughborough is inherently plural—embracing traditional literary histories, the study of language, the study of gender, film and theory—our approach to the discipline is evolving in response to the opportunities represented by digital resources, and the innovative research and teaching methods which those resources permit. This panel will deliver four tightly argued and informative papers which tackle the wide range of issues thrown up by digital approaches to literature.

Clare Hutton will explore the significance of searchable digital facsimiles and collation software in relation to Joyce’s Ulysses.

Catie Gill will discuss a classroom exercise which asked students to produce a wiki about book 1 of Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Jenna Townend will explore the intersections between quantitative digital studies of networks, and more traditional literary studies of influence, using George Herbert as an example.

Nigel Wood will explore how linear reading might be supplanted by more recursive forms of reader response. He will cite examples drawn from the teaching of narrative, and using the OED.

Friday 7th July, 12.30