A Level to HE Reading


Benjamin Poore, QMUL

Barbara Bleiman, English & Media Centre

The session will be led by Barbara Bleiman, an Education Consultant EMC, a development centre for English and Media teachers at secondary level, and Dr. Benjamin Poore who is in the School of English and Drama at Queen Mary University of London. QMUL has recently introduced a new manditory transition module for all first-year students, which he convenes, titled ‘English in Practice’.   The session – a mixture of workshop and discussion – will include practical activities that allow us to take our thinking further about what we mean by reading in Sixth Form English studies and at undergraduate level. We will aim to go beyond the standard generalisations and gloom-ridden discussions about the differences between A Level and university English, to share ideas about how we can make the nature of reading more explicit for students and for ourselves, in order to help them make the transition into becoming expert readers. In the course of the session we hope to explore a spectrum of ideas about reading, from close reading, to the practices involved in reading whole texts, to the broader approaches required for writing about several texts at once. We hope to range across the reading of secondary texts as well as primary texts, and consider ways of encouraging wider reading. We will present some of our work, as the basis for discussion.

Thursday 6th July, 12.30