From AL to HE: Writing


Catherine Maxwell, QMUL

Sally Mitchell, QMUL

Barbara Bleiman, English and Media Centre

This session will be led by Barbara Bleiman, an Education Consultant at the English and Media Centre  a development centre for secondary English and Media teachers, Catherine Maxwell, Professor of Victorian Literature at Queen Mary, University of London, and Sally Mitchell, who established Thinking Writing at Queen Mary University of London, an educational initiative aiming to enrich the attention paid to writing in university teaching. This session, like the one on reading, will be a mixture of workshop and discussion, aiming to take our thinking forward about the nature of writing and the roles it currently fulfils (or could fulfil) at A Level and in the transition into university English. We will explore the potential of writing that is different from the conventional assessed critical essay – ‘developmental writing’, writing creatively for critical purposes and other forms of response, as well as clarifying points of commonality and difference (intentional, or unintended) between A Level and undergraduate study. We will think about what it means to ‘perform’ as a student of English literature. We hope to generate practical ideas for how we can be more explicit with students about what this process involves, whilst avoiding formulaic or narrowly defined views of what is good writing. Part of the workshop will include looking at short extracts of writing at AL to develop our thinking.

Thursday 6th July, 3.30