What do we do when we analyse texts?


Dr. Marcello Giovanelli, Senior Lecturer in English Literature, Aston University

Dr. Billy Clark, Associate Professor in Language and Linguistics, Middlesex University

Dr. Andrea Macrae, Senior Lecturer in Stylistics, Oxford Brookes University

Dr Jeremy Scott, University of Kent

This workshop will involve a paired and shared, doubled over textual analysis, in which we explore both the diversity and the interconnectedness of approaches to texts within ‘English’ as a discipline.

This workshop will:
• explore the ways in which, and degrees to which, different specialisms and backgrounds shape not only the kinds of texts each of us conventionally explores but also the manner of that exploration
• create discussion about similarities and differences in each individual’s style of approach to texts, within and beyond particular specialisms and sub-disciplinary distinctions
• explore the concept and place of ‘close reading’ with our specialist study of texts
• refresh appreciation and understanding of the range of approaches within English and the range of advantages of each
• explore the benefits and possibilities of combined and integrated approaches
• offer an opportunity for a broad spectrum of creative responses to / combinations of / interactions between approaches, and discussion of the challenges and productive outcomes to this kind of interplay
• encourage thinking, framed by the concept of ‘English’ as a discipline, about what a ‘text’ is, and an analytical ‘approach’ – with regards to boundaries, fundamental characteristics, etc.

Thursday 6th July, 5.00