Anglo-Saxon Futures I (roundtable discussion)

Chair: Jennifer Neville, Royal Holloway, University of London


David Clark, Leicester

Richard Dance, Cambridge

Christina Lee, Nottingham

Clare Lees, King’s College London

The first of two panels bringing together scholars of Old English language and literature and of early medieval British literature to debate our ‘shared future’ as Anglo-Saxonists, medievalists and members of the English Studies community.  Each participant has been asked to bring to the panel discussion three key points about our field, addressing the future horizon for research in the field, for example, but also the relationship between teaching and research and between the fields of Anglo-Saxon Studies and English Studies more broadly.  Panel members will speak for a maximum of 10 minutes in order to leave time for debate and discussion.  Our aim is to identify through collaborative debate our collective future as early medieval scholars and teachers in the English Studies community.

Friday 7th July, 9.30