Contemporary Women’s Writing: Apocalyptic Narratives

Dr Fiona Tolan, Liverpool John Moores University


Prof. Gina Wisker, University of Brighton – Waste and survival: post-apocalyptic dystopian Gothic in Suzanne Collins’ YA The Hunger Games Trilogy (2009-2012) and Nalo Hopkinson’s ‘A Habit of Waste’(1996)

Prof. Susan Watkins, Leeds Beckett University – The maternal imaginary in contemporary women’s apocalyptic fiction

Jennifer Bowes, Leeds Beckett University – ‘Cults, Pigs, Smelly Bones and the End of the World’: Pulling apart the ‘human’ in Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam.

Nicholas Stavris, University of Huddersfield – Climate Fiction: The Duality of Post-apocalyptic Uncertainty in Liz Jensen’s The Rapture and Maggie Gee’s The Flood

This panel brings together scholars interested in representations of apocalypse and apocalyptic scenarios in contemporary women’s writing. Commencing from the premise that the contemporary moment lends itself to apocalyptic narratives, as real world events contribute to a pervasive sense of anxiety and crisis, the panel explores the work of contemporary women writers engaged in speculative fictions and the manner in which such writers utilise images of crisis and threat to explore political and cultural anxieties.

Wednesday 5th July, 3.30