At the Borders of Globalisation


Dr Ellie Byrne, Manchester Met – Trespass-Invasion-Hospitality

Prof. Phil Leonard, NTU – Sacred Shores

Dr Liam Connell – A Wall of Words:Representing Border securitization in contemporary fiction.

The papers on this panel are drawn from work in progress by members of the MMU- NTU British Academy funded network, Troubling Globalisation: New Approaches in the Arts and Humanities. This interdisciplinary network seeks to explore the emerging importance of globalisation studies in the Arts and Humanities and asserts the need for a new critical and creative vocabulary as it might be formulated in the arts and humanities, which has historically borrowed many of its terms and approaches form the social sciences. It seeks to tap into two nascent directions in postcolonial studies and theoretical work on globality and world; engaging firstly with Spivak’s assertion of the bi-polarity or double bind of globalisation as a force for alienation and distancing, and of cosmopolitanism in crisis, and secondly to engage with thinking by Naas, Nancy, Apter and others that troubles the conceptual frameworks of the global as a grounded, universal and comprehensible habitus.

The papers on this panel consider a resurgence of literary depictions of borders as they become political sites for the dramatisation of failed cultural values, visceral horror, distancing, uncanny proximity and cultural spaces of representation of the failures and fears and fantasies of the globalised present.

Thursday 6th July, 11.00