Contemporary British and American Poetics: the Trans-Atlantic Avant-Garde

Chair: Dr John Wrighton, University of Brighton


Dr Neal Alexander (Aberystwyth University)

Professor Peter Barry (Aberystwyth University)

Dr Elizabeth-Jane Burnett (Newman University, Birmingham)

Dr Gavin Goodwin (Aberystwyth University)

Dr Karen Correia da Silva (University of Bradford)

Dr Zoë Skoulding (Bangor University)

Dr John Wrighton (University of Brighton)

The legacy of a postwar Anglo-American poetry and the way in which poetics ideas have travelled between Britain and America continues to influence poetry cultures and its avant-garde communities today. This panel examines the influences, trajectories, and interweaving histories of experimental British and American poetry since the 1960s that have significantly shaped the practices and production of poetry during the last twenty-five years. It also looks ahead to the future of the trans-atlantic avant-garde developing its international vision.
The panel is organised by Contempo, the Centre for Contemporary Poetry (

Friday 7th July, 11.00