‘Between and Across Languages’: Scottish Literary Studies in the Twenty-First Century

Chair: Professor Alison Lumsden, University of Aberdeen, President Association for Scottish Literary Studies


Professor Gerard Carruthers, University of Glasgow – ‘The Scoto-Saxon Dialect in the 18th Century’

Professor Bashabi Frasier, Edinburgh Napier University – ‘Flavours from other shores: multiculturalism in Scottish poetry today.’

Dr James Robertson, Creative Writer – ‘Writers negotiating between Scots and English: voice, text and translation’

As our culture becomes increasingly multi-lingual and multi-cultural new questions are posed about ‘English Literature’ and its relationship to traditional forms of writing and linguistic expression. Scottish literature, long written from a position of linguistic complexity, may offer one model by which we can begin to approach these questions. As Robert Crawford suggests ‘in Scotland we live between and across languages’; this has been reflected in our literature historically and is becoming increasingly urgent in Scotland’s diverse modern society. This panel will explore how such diversity has been addressed in Scotland’s literature both in the past and amongst contemporary writers and critics and as a consequence will explore the larger topic of what ‘writing in English’ means for the twenty-first century. Chaired by Professor Alison Lumsden, President of ASLS, the panel will include three twenty-minute papers by those working ‘between and across languages’ in Scotland today.

Thursday 6th July, 12.30