Englishes Online


Dr Ann Hewings, The Open University – ‘The World of English language online’

Dr Heather Richardson, The Open University – ‘Tales from the virtual workshop’

Dr Lynda Prescott, The Open University – ‘Literary/digital skills’

Although ‘Englishes’ does not trip easily off the tongue, the plural term is central to the theme of this panel, which highlights both the multi-stranded nature of English as an academic subject and also the historical, contemporary and geographical varieties of Englishes we are concerned with. One distinctive feature of English at the Open University is that much of our teaching and learning is online, and our web-focused pedagogy provides the common thread through the three papers, each of which is illustrated with examples of practice.

The three speakers share a common background in designing and teaching Open University modules, but each represents a different disciplinary strand. Ann Hewings is Director of English Language and Applied Linguistics and led the team creating the Open University’s Worlds of English module and the associated series of books published by Routledge. Her background in both geography and applied linguistics inform a critical pedagogy focused on the role of Englishes around the world. Heather Richardson is a Lecturer in Creative Writing and part of the team behind the Open University’s online MA in Creative Writing. She writes historical fiction and creative nonfiction. Her first novel was Magdeburg (2010, Lagan Press) and her second, Doubting Thomas, will be published by Vagabond Voices this autumn. Lynda Prescott is a Senior Lecturer in English and Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching Innovation) in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; she specialises in the teaching of twentieth- and later-nineteenth-century prose fiction, often drawing on insights from Book History, and has a long-standing interest in online pedagogies.

Friday 7th July, 11.00