Epic Transformations? Developing the English Curriculum at University


Katharine Cox, Sheffield Hallam University

Guy Cuthbertson, Liverpool Hope University

Robert Jones, Runshaw College

Charles Mundye, Sheffield Hallam University

The panel explores the challenges and opportunities of reviewing and redeveloping a contemporary university curriculum in English studies. We will draw on recent experiences both first-hand and through the processes of peer review, with a particular focus on aspects of the curriculum co-design process, in which various stakeholders work with academic teams to shape provision. Stakeholders might variously include, inter alia, representatives from schools and colleges, employers, the Creative and Cultural Industries, and voluntary organisations. We will examine the relationship between study and work, and the extent to which an English degree should be focused on employment and the real world. What might an applied English degree look like? How can we embed the development of graduate attributes within the curriculum? In what ways can we internationalise the student learning experience? To what extent do we need to re-articulate traditional academic English skills to address agendas which will become ever more urgent given the national context of rising fees, student expectations, and the specific challenges of the metrics involved in the forthcoming Teaching Excellence Framework? In exploring recent experiences the panel will broaden out the debate with a view to sharing best practice and discovering new ways of thinking and acting in relation to curriculum design.

Friday 7th July, 9.30