Flight Paths in English Studies: Searching for Lines of Consistency in Learner Activity from 11 to Postgraduate (and Beyond)


Martin Kratz, Manchester Metropolitan University – ‘To John Donne’: Creating Dialogues between Advanced Researchers and Young Learners (case study)

Victoria Elliott, Oxford University – Genre as a threshold concept in the study of English from 11 to post 21

Richard Vytniorgu, De Montfort University – ‘Learners in Quest: An Existential Perspective’

Fred Parker, University of Cambridge – Returning to the Threshold: on the concept of representation in school/university transition

Transition between stages of studying English always brings challenges, as concepts, goals, and learning practices change. This panel will bring together researchers in English and in Education to consider the continuities and the inconsistencies in English as a subject for students from the beginning of secondary school to the end of university. Four different researchers will draw on their research in English learning to consider these central points.  What lines can be drawn linking English studies from the beginning of secondary school through to university?

Thursday 6th July, 9.30