It can never be as simple as ‘this student has used PEE x number of times and thus this is their mark.’ I understand and recognise that such formulae or models of structuring writing *can* be essential building blocks for beginning learners to master critical thinking about texts. But it needs to be adapted and learned, revised and refined over time by teacher and student symbiosis in order that a more nuanced, fluent, risk-taking paragraph, essay, piece of writing can inhabit, certainly the highest grades, and so be something more than what a PEE can do. Reminding us – care of Becky Wood’s excellent work – of the evolution into using What/How/Why as a Mosel for writing is a more fluid start but it is, I remind my classes, still a structure that if not careful can become mechanical and I urge students over time to play around with the ‘stages’ of these formulae and so produce some more insightful work. As Barbara has said, it is about meaning and how writers create these meanings and it loses so much clarity and interest from students if all they end up doing is revising a model as opposed to interesting ways of accessing texts and knowing those texts and contexts well.