HEA TEF Workshop

Convenor: Ben Brabon, HEA

What will the impact of the TEF be on English as a discipline?

In 2017 the discipline-level TEF or TEF3 will be very much upon us. The workshop will provide the opportunity to explore the discipline-level metrics and to better understand the impact that the TEF will have on English as a subject area.

The session will also explore elements of the supporting evidence or narrative and how best to capture excellence within your institutional and departmental settings.

One of the main activities in the workshop will be to create a Teaching Excellence Taxonomy (TET) for your Department, on order to fully appreciate and define the areas of teaching excellence that you can identify. The exercise will support TEF3 activities and in particular, the development of discipline-level TEF narratives.

The primary aim of the session is for delegates to leave with a structured understanding of TEF3 within their specific Departmental context so that they are better prepared to write a TEF narrative.

Thursday 6th July, 5.00