Teaching Through Imitation

Chair: Professor Ben Knights, Teesside University

Dr Will Rossiter (University of East Anglia) – ‘Everybody that never scarce baited their horse at the university’: Creative-Criticism Seicento-Style

Dr Thomas Roebuck (University of East Anglia) – ‘To Find Your Way in the Labyrinth of Letters’: Renaissance Humanism in Contemporary Educational Practice

Dr Thomas Karshan – (University of East Anglia) – ‘Method acting or jujitsu?’ The uses of parody in teaching criticism and creative writing.

The purpose of this panel is to present to the audience, and explore together, some of the ways in which a group of academics at UEA are seeking to revive the Renaissance humanist practice of teaching literature through imitation, this being taken to encompass the related practices of parody, translation, transposition, and mimicry. Originally formulated as a pedagogical programme by humanists such as Erasmus, imitatio came to shape Renaissance education and, through it, the production of literature. Such techniques came back to the fore in the parodic and imitative practice of modernist and postmodern writers such as Eliot, Pound, Nabokov and Calvino, and in the structured play of the French OuLiPo group.

Friday 7th July, 11.00