Knowledge about language and linguistics in the classroom

Chair: Ian Cushing, University College London / Aston University

Ian Cushing, University College London / Aston University & Marcello Giovanelli, Aston University – Teaching grammar

Jessica Mason, Sheffield Hallam University & Sarah Jackson, University of Sheffield – Reading literature in the classroom

Furzeen Ahmed, Aston University & Sally Zacharias, University of Nottingham – Cognitive linguistics and education

This panel session will see contributions from members of the Cognitive Linguistics and Research in Education (CLARE) special interest group. The group consists of experienced teachers (from across a range of educational contexts) and academics who conduct research within and across a range of inter-disciplinary fields: educational linguistics, applied linguistics, stylistics, cognitive linguistics and grammar teaching. They are united in their commitment to applications of these in the primary, secondary and post-16 classroom, which will be the main focus of the panel discussions. We believe that all teachers play a role in developing language skills, and that having some linguistic knowledge is crucial if this is to be achieved. We will explore the following kinds of questions and debates, with reference to our own and other’s research:

• What kinds of knowledge about language are important for teachers, and how can this knowledge be useful in the classroom?
• What can linguists and educationalists learn from each other?
• What can schools and universities do to help teachers in developing knowledge about language and linguistics?
• How can recent developments in language research be useful in the classroom, and how can this research be disseminated to teachers?
• How might linguistic knowledge be particularly useful given recent developments in the school curriculum, such as the KS1/2 SPaG tests and the re-emphasis of grammar at KS3 and KS4?
• What kind of research methodologies and methods work best in the classroom, and what opportunities do teachers have to conduct their own research?

Wednesday 5th July 3.30