Literature, Science and In-between: The British Society for Literature and Science Panel

Chair: Martin Willis, Cardiff University


Janine Rogers, Mount Allison University, Canada – Material Culture, Object Knowledge, and Interdisciplinary Literary Studies.

Greg Tate, University of St. Andrews – Rhythm and Revolution: The Politics of Energy in Victorian Literature and Science.

Catherine Oakley, University of Leeds – Energy and the Body, 1870-1925: A Cultural Studies approach to the History of Medicine.

Michael Whitworth, Merton College, Oxford – Literary Knowledge and Knowledge of Science.

Josie Gill, University of Bristol – Decolonising Literature and Science

The short papers presented here showcase the research undertaken by scholars in the field of literature and science internationally. All the speakers are members of the British Society for Literature and Science, and represent all career stages as well as a range of period-based studies and methodological approaches. The panel overall will make a case for the interdisciplinary study of literature and the sciences as a key part of the global future of English Studies and particularly of the role that English might place in defending civic democracy.

Thursday 6th July, 12.30