Migration and Borders

Hannah Lowe, Brunel University London – Borderliner: A Poetic Geography of Chan

Jennifer Wong, Oxford Brookes University – Place Writing in Goldfish

Mary Jean Chan, Royal Holloway, University of London –  ‘Post-post-colonialism’ in Christian Campbell’s Running the Dusk
In the wake of globalisation, migration and diaspora, there has been a surge in interest towards the relationship between place and identity in contemporary poetry and poetics, particularly in relation to border-crossing and otherness. What is the meaning of ‘home’, and how does one negotiate or re-map one’s identity between ‘the local’ and ‘the foreign’ within a multicultural context? How is one’s ‘home culture’ translated across borders, and to what extent is the notion of ‘home’ often reconfigured or reimagined? We propose a joint panel presentation that will focus on addressing these issues in a creative and critical manner.

Wednesday 5th July, 12.30