Multicultural Textualities I: Religion, Secularism, Space and Place

Chair: Ana María Sánchez-Arce, Sheffield Hallam University


Anshuman A. Mondal, University of East Anglia – ‘The trace of the cryptic in Islamophobia, anti-communism and anti-semitism: literary engagements and entanglements’

Rehana Ahmed, Queen Mary University of London – ‘The place of minority faith in Sunjeev Sahota’s The Year of the Runaways’

Peter Morey, University of East London – ‘Islamophobia and the politics of space in H. M. Naqvi’s Home Boy’

Multicultural Textualities I is the first of two panels which explore the contribution that literary and cultural texts can make to the public understanding of racial politics, migration and multiculturalism in Western societies. This panel brings together three papers that deal with secularist ideas about and fears of religion and violent extremism.  Running through the discussion of Islamism, Islamophobia and conservative Sikhism is a close attention to portrayals of religious characters’ inhabitation of and visibility within space and place.

Thursday 6th July, 12.30