On Reflection: Voice and Medium in the reflective component of practice-led research


Prof Michael Green,Northumbria University / Dr Tony Williams, Northumbria University – Introduction.
On Reflection: Rethinking the role, rationale, mode, and medium of the reflective component of practice-led research.

Dr Tony Williams, Northumbria University – Case Study 1.
In Conversation: Capturing Reflection Between Poetry and Film-making Practice

Prof Michael Green, Northumbria University – Case Study 2.
Spectral History: Reflecting on the Place of the Archive in the Creative Process.

While there is increasing recognition across the academy that the processes of producing creative artefacts may serve as a vital contribution to knowledge, there is less agreement as to how creative practice can be defined as ‘research.’

In engaging with this issue, this panel presentation is less interested in rehearsing the various positions on the formal recognition of practice as research than the question of how conceptualising creative practice as research can play an informing, generative role within the creative process.

A key criterion in the recognition of practice as research is the inclusion of some form of critical self-reflection as a component of the creative project. This requirement is currently the subject of scrutiny and contestation; even when it is agreed to, however, the more important question of what kinds of theoretical discourses can and should be used in creative writing exegeses continues to haunt the question of the complementary/ supplementary discourse.

While this project will contribute to the ongoing debate on these questions, it is concerned more specifically with the vital element that tends to be marginalised by an emphasis in them on the reporting role assigned to reflection – that is, the productive role the critical reflective component may play in the practice research process. Its aim is to reconsider the ways in which the reflective component can fulfil the requirements for recognising practice as research whilst also serving as an inter-generative, vital part of the creative process itself.

Thursday 6th July, 12.30