Future of English Studies I: Periodisation

Chair: Josh Davies, King’s College London


Brian Murray, King’s College London – Teaching Across Time: Reception Studies, Pedagogy and Interperiodicity

Charlotte Jones, King’s College London – ‘A little bit muzzy at the edges’: what did the Edwardians ever do for us?

This session explores how regimes of historical periodisation inform critical and pedagogical approaches to literary studies. In English Studies, specialization implies periodization. But have labels like medievalist, Romanticist and Victorianist hindered new avenues of scholarly investigation and innovative approaches to teaching? Interdisciplinarity has become the rallying cry of pioneering researchers, but what of the arbitrary temporal divisions that carve up our own discipline? How might interperiodicity emerge as useful or productive way of thinking about research and teaching in English Studies?

Friday 7th July, 12.30 Newcastle G13