PhD Students teaching workshop

Chair: Claire Hurley, Kent


Claire Hurley, Kent – The Sociability of The Seminar

Kester Richardson, Queen Mary – Teaching for the first time: A PhD student Perspective

Kirsty Rolfe, Queen Mary – Close-reading Strategies

Isabelle Parkinson, Queen Mary – Transitioning from School to University: Developing Independent Thinking

Run by ECAs for ECAs, this session aims to address the question: How can we improve our teaching practices, to ensure students become proficient in the key skills involved in the study of English? The session will explore a range of theories, techniques and practices to scaffold, structure and support the teaching and learning of English in HE. Suitable for Ph.D. students new to teaching, and anyone interested in thinking through the complexities of improving student participation and engagement, the session will offer a combination of foundational pedagogical theory, and workshop style practical activities.

Thursday 6th July, 12.30