Action on teaching university English online

Fri 3 July 2020

  • The Pandemic Pedagogy Handbook – History UK

    Pandemic Pedagogy blog – History UK

    (Thanks for Professor Kate Cooper (Royal Holloway, University of London) for suggesting these links)

  • Watch now: recording of the whole event (see below for time-stamps for the start of each individual paper)

    Blended delivery and access: overviews (10m papers)

    1. 00:03:27 Andrew Griffiths, Staff Tutor in English, The Open University: Online Teaching or Distance Learning
    2. 00:14:15 Catriona Cooper Senior Fellow History Heritage and Media, Department of History, Royal Holloway, University of London: Flexible Working Model: Blended Learning for the Humanities
    3. 00:23:10 Benjamin Colbert, Reader in English Literature, University of Wolverhampton: VLE discussion activities: Ten tips for online design.
    4. 00:38:03 Andrea Macrae, Principal Lecturer, Stylistics and Student Experience, Oxford Brookes University: On Accessibility

    Reflective Online Practice: Teaching & Learning (5m papers)

    1. 01:04:48 Rosie Miles, former Reader in English Literature and Pedagogy at Wolverhampton, National Teaching Fellow: Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast: Integrating (and even assessing) Online Activities
    2. 01:14:31 Dr Marcello Giovanelli, Senior Lecturer in English Language and Literature and Head of English, Aston University: Running online tutorials using Blackboard Collaborate
    3. 01:21:25 Simon Rennie, Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter: Challenges and opportunities
    4. 01:25:30 Alice Bennet, Senior Lecturer, Liverpool Hope University: How can we teach students to learn online?
    5. 01:31:06 Katherine Heavey, Lecturer in Early Modern English Literature, University of Glasgow: Using Aropa Peer-Review Software to Enhance Essay-Writing Skills
    6. 01:36:27 Douglas Cowie, Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing, Royal Holloway, University of London: Creative writing workshops and deepening reading

    Digital Methodologies & Approaches (5m papers)

    1. 01:55:12 Shelley Harris, Lecturer in Creative Writing, University of Reading: ‘I can’t look you in the voice’: online learning and interpersonal connection
    2. 02:01:05 Dr Sophie Nicholls, SFHEA, University Teaching Fellow, Teesside University: Creating learning communities online
    3. 02:06:16 Yasmine Shamma, Lecturer in English Literature, University of Reading: The Class Blog
    4. 02:13:12 JT Welsch, Lecturer in English Literature and Creative Industries, University of York: Teaching Online with ‘Visiting’ Speakers
    5. 02:18:42 Sean Sutherland Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster: Hosting online writing days to promote student engagement
    6. 02:23:50 Dr Claudia Capancioni, Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for English and Dr Hannah Grenham, Learning Development Tutor, Bishop Grosseteste University: Emergency Tools for Research: How to Pursue Your MA Dissertation in A Pandemic
    7. 02:31:22 Rebecca Gregory, Teaching Associate, Institute for Medieval Research, University of Nottingham: Applying English at distance

    Future Englishes

    02:38:28 Chair and Moderator: Professor Gail Marshall

    Moderated online conversation about concerns. To draw on questions, issues raised in chat function and over the sessions.

    03:29:03 End

    Professor Gail Marshall

  • Tips for online teaching and testing – Professor Jane Setter
    Turn on your sound and start the presentation – the slides will progress automatically, and you will hear Jane’s narration.