Shared Futures for Literary  Theory I


Dr Sophie Vlacos, University of Glasgow – Complexity and Critique in Contemporary Theory

Dr Matt Hayler, Birmingham University – Entanglement and Posthuman Perspectives

Professor Mark Currie, Queen Mary University London – Contingency Theory

These interlocking panels focus upon recent developments in literary theory. The presentations share a common emphasis upon theory as a response to the contemporary socio-political and technological landscape and are intended to foster debate regarding the discipline’s critical salience now and in the future. Crucially, the panels are intended to encourage constituency building, and to serve as a springboard for discussions about a possible national network for theory research and teaching in the future. To this end, the presentations  combine direct theoretical argumentation with more practical reflections regarding the social / ethical / institutional place of theory in contemporary literary culture and discourse. For the same reason, group discussion and debate will be given a prominent place at the end of each panel.

Friday 7th July, 11.00