Sharing Futures Across Primary, Secondary and University Education

Chairs: Karen Eckersall, British Shakespeare Association
Chris Green, British Shakespeare Association


Cathy Baldwin – The student experience of ‘Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank’ at Shakespeare’s Globe

Amir Hussain, IBAIS University, Bangladesh – Shakespeare in Bangladeshi School, College and University Classrooms

Helen Mears – Active Shakespeare with Year 7s

Lindy Rudd – Facing barriers to learning when teaching Shakespeare

This workshop invites participation from teachers of English and drama to share and develop ways of connecting students’ experiences of Shakespeare in primary, secondary and university classrooms. Prospero’s questioning of Miranda, ‘What see’st thou else / In the dark backward and abyss of time?’ prompts us to consider the differences and continuities for students looking back over their educational career, while for primary pupils, encountering Shakespeare’s text is like exploring the ‘brave new world’ of the island for the first time. What can we, as teachers, learn from each other’s experiences and from the multiple perspectives of our students and pupils? Since Shakespeare’s future lies with young people, we aim to build networks across educational levels, aware that ‘What’s past is prologue, what to come / In yours and my discharge’ (2.1.249-50).

Thursday 6th July, 5.00