Sharing Pedagogies


Dr. Marcello Giovanelli, Senior Lecturer in English Literature, Aston University

Dr. Billy Clark, Associate Professor in Language and Linguistics, Middlesex University

Dr. Andrea Macrae, Senior Lecturer in Stylistics, Oxford Brookes University

This is a session on sharing pedagogies in two halves, each ‘pitching’ an idea to create a more ‘joined up’ English for students.
Part one: A pitch for pedagogical sharing within and across a university’s English programmes (literature, language, linguistics, creative writing, communication, media, etc.).

We will present a proposal for every university English department (or similar) to invest – in terms of workload time and some kind of platform – in enabling its teaching staff to share topics and methods taught, student projects, etc., across all areas of English taught within its institution (literary periods and genres, drama, media, creative writing, language and linguistics, etc.), covering both everyday practice and innovations.
Having presented the pitch, we will invite discussion exploring other benefits and challenges for this kind of sharing, possible approaches to securing senior management ‘buy-in’, etc.

Part two: A pitch for pedagogical sharing between post-16 English teaching at schools and colleges and post-18 English teaching at university
We propose that positive learning experiences and achievement of learning outcomes will be enhanced if university English teaching staff know more about post-16 English education, including teaching methods, assessment structures and feedback practices.
This part of the session will be dedicated to sharing and exploring strategies to facilitate post-16 and post-18 pedagogies.

Thursday 6th July, 3.30