Story As Medicine

Speaker: Rachel Newsome

Story As Medicine offers a series of writing exercises and related discussion exploring the concept of healing narratives and the holistic benefits connected to the act of writing. It will investigate the notion of “story as medicine” as defined by Jungian analyst and storyteller Clarissa Estes in her ground-breaking text Women Who Run With The Wolves, 1996 while also drawing on my own practice-based research with reference toWriting As A Way Of Healing (De Salvo, L., 2000) and The Healing Power of Stories (Taylor, D. 1996)

Through a series of guided exercises and discussion, including extracts from relevant texts, Story As Medicine will examine; the ways in which metaphor, myth and archetype can be used to communicate and contextualise difficult experiences; the difference between “healing” and “destructive” approaches to writing and the value of expressing emotions on the written page in order to offer practical and research-informed insights through an informal and participatory workshop environment.

Friday 7th July, 3.30