Transnational Scholarship and the Digital Edition

Chair: Laura Kirkley, Newcastle University


Laura Kirkley, Newcastle University – ‘Digital Intertexts: visualising translational afterlives’

Kerri Andrews, Edge Hill University – ‘The transnational, transdisciplinary lives of digital editions’

Katie East, Newcastle University – ‘Beyond the Critical Edition: Interpreting the Fate of the Ciceronian text’

Suzan van Dijk,Huygens Institute for Dutch History (KNAW) Amsterdam – ‘English female authorship to be considered within the European, gendered context: the importance of appropriate research tools’

Bringing together scholars in comparative literature and digital humanities, this round table will to examine how digital technology can be used (a) to chart and represent the (often transnational) afterlives of literary texts and (b) to create multi-lingual digital editions which allow readers to compare and contrast multiple versions of a single source text and gain insight into its reception history. Such digital projects challenge our disciplinary understanding of English in two fundamental ways: first, they highlight the interrelatedness of English literature and a range of other national literatures; and secondly, they make us re-conceive scholarly editing as a practice geared, not to establishing a definitive version, but to communicating the infinite variety and mutability of a single text. Participants will consider these disciplinary implications, but will also focus specifically on the possibilities opened up by digital technology for establishing and representing the impact of complex transnational reception histories on the transmission of knowledge and ideas.

Friday 7th July, 3.30