Gender, Sexuality and (Un)doing English

Kate Chedgzoy, University of Newcastle

This discussion-based, participatory session will explore the gender politics and sexual politics of ‘doing English’ at this moment. Its core concern will be to reflect critically on the ways in which gender identity and sexual orientation are at play in studying, teaching, and researching in all the disciplines that come under the rubric of ‘English’, with due awareness of the impact of intersectional factors such as disability and ethnicity.
The session offers a space to share reflections on and engagement with these issues on diverse sites of thought, work, creativity and action:
• in the content of our teaching and research
• in our everyday experiences as people involved with the discipline of English;
• in the ways we inhabit academic institutions and cultures;
• in the exclusions and marginalisations enacted by those institutions and cultures;
• in the distinctive nature of English as a set of disciplines that have always been perceived as feminised and been home to a large population of women;
• and in the ways we try to act on and change the sexual politics of our disciplines for the better – whether through organisations like Athena Swan and Stonewall, or activism where students and academics work together, or social media and public engagement.

Wednesday 5th July, 5.00