Adult, Continuing, Extramural, Community, Lifelong… English

Jenny BavidgeMMUd

This panel will address the current and future contexts for teaching of English literature to adult students within and without the academy.

English Literature was at the heart of the century-long development adult education in the UK. Figures such as Raymond Williams and Richard Hoggart led the development of extramural courses which brought mature and working students to literary study, to begin their path towards HE qualifications or purely for the love of the thing. However, since the 1990s, the continuing education sector has undergone a massive decline and many of these courses and opportunities have disappeared. Most extramural departments have been closed or severely attenuated and, with them, University English’s direct contact with continuing education students has diminshed.

Any discussion of adult or extramural education has to acknowledge this decline in/destruction of these hard-fought for spaces, but we should also look to the opening up of other kinds of formal and informal pedagogic opportunities. What kind of English is being developed in courses emerging from newer, more flexible and responsive modes of engaging public and lifelong audiences in literary study?

Leonard, Jude and Rita too: is there still space in HE for extramural learners?
Jenny Bavidge, Academic Director and University Senior Lecturer in  English Literature, Institute of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge

OU Eng Lit at 50
Jonathan Gibson, Senior Lecturer and Qualification Lead for English Literature at The Open University

Richard Danson Brown, Head of School Arts and Humanities at The Open University

An Inclusive and Engaging Curriculum: Seeing yourself and meeting others
Marie-Annick Gournet, Director of Part-Time Programmes and BA English and Community Engagement, University of Bristol

Fri 11:00 am - 12:15 pm