Co-creation Overseas: International Filmpoetry

Katharine CoxMMUc

What happens when film and poetry come together? How do artists in these two mediums collaborate and co-create? What happens when we commission student artists to undertake this research-led practice?

Inspired by the international scope and disciplinary experimentation of Joe Kriss and Rachel McCrum’s Literature Showcase (funded by British Council 2018), Sheffield Hallam University used their film and poetry showcase as the basis of a student-staff project. Internal funding from the GoGlobal initiative funded 11 student places to visit two literary festivals in Montreal and Zagreb, connected with the original bid. Student places were secured through a commissioning and interview process. In situ, students in conversation with practitioner-academics negotiated and developed a way of working based on a co-collaborative approach. Filmmaker Annie Watson and poet Chris Jones worked to create their own collaborative piece, mirroring student practice.
After a premiere screening of the completed poems, this group of students, academics and practitioners will reflect on the research-led process. This panel will be of interest to colleagues who would like to find out more about student co-creation, commissioning student research, employability and English, interdisciplinary working and the emergent medium of filmpoetry.

Students: Paul Belsey, Norah Lovelock, Kate Griffiths, Vikki Acornley
Joe Kriss (Director of Opus Independents, Sheffield)
Annie Watson (Principle Lecturer in Film, Sheffield Hallam University)
Dr Chris Jones (Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing, Sheffield Hallam University)
Dr Kaley Kramer (Principle Lecturer in English, Sheffield Hallam University)
Professor Katharine Cox (Head of Humanities & Law, Bournemouth University)

Sat 12:45 pm - 2:00 pm