Developing visual and verbal literacy through media study (KS3)

Peter ThomasMMUa

KS3 English should be more than a rehearsal of GCSE exam protocols. The focus of this session will be on developing students’ creativity and criticality through multi-media study, focusing on the ways in which TV advertising influences and reflects social trends. The session will include materials on ‘Creative Persuasion’ produced in collaboration with the Ideas Foundation and some leading advertising agencies, including video material (adverts from Nike and John Lewis) and classroom resources for detailed study.

Although the materials and activities are matched to the English curriculum and to eventual generic GCSE English assessment objectives, the aim is to insert a media studies element into KS3, developing critical literacy by use of stimulating real-life texts to promote active groupwork and oracy, as well as an understanding of how English works in real-life contexts. Media texts provide stimulus for developing skills relevant to print texts and life experiences, and provide scope for communicative skills for life and work, as well as essentials of the English experience that matters across the ability range.

Peter Thomas is Chair of NATE, an experienced GCSE principal examiner and moderator, and a prolific writer on many aspects of English teaching, in particular the teaching of Shakespeare using creative and active approaches.

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Sat 2:15 pm - 3:30 pm