English as activism

Katharine Cox 2MCRl

This panel explores a series of interrelated projects addressing gender-based violence in India by an interdisciplinary team of academics from Sheffield Hallam and Bournemouth University working in partnership with community social enterprises in Sheffield and Mumbai and NGOs based in India. These projects coalesce under the banner of ‘Justice for Her’ and include high-profile dissemination activities through the Jaipur Literature Festival and via social media. Conceived initially as a criminological intervention into social policy, practice and police education in India, the project team has expanded the project remit to consider the opportunities for arts-based activism. Specifically, this has taken the form of ‘English as activism’ through the creation of spoken word poetry and filmmaking commissions led by Dr Sunita Toor.

As part of the panel, we will screen the ‘Justice for Her’ spoken word poem (approx. 5 minutes), and, time allowing, connect with Simar in Mumbai. The panel will consider ‘Applied English’ through multi-agency and international working, focus on the commissioning process, the ways in which English can be a facilitating discipline for activism and consider the project team’s next steps in our development of arts and English-based activism.

Joe Kriss (Director of Opus Independents, Sheffield)
Simar Singh (Unerase Poetry, Mumbai)
Dr Sunita Toor (Principal lecturer in Criminology, Sheffield Hallam University)
Dr Henry Bell (Senior Lecturer in Theatre, Sheffield Hallam University)
Professor Katharine Cox (Head of Humanities & Law, Bournemouth University)

Fri 11:00 am - 12:15 pm