English Shared Spaces - Discussing Inclusive Learning Environments.

David EllisMMUa

How do we create not just a curriculum but also an environment within which inclusivity is fostered as an aspect of professional practice and the student experience. In English Studies, where the politics of identity are central to how we consider, evaluate and discuss narrative perspectives, how do we develop modules and programmes that open spaces for discussions and assessments that recognise and enhance inclusivity? What are the anxieties and responsibilities of academic staff to encourage and manage the learning environment and how central are their own identity markers in influencing this? And, in the pursuit of Athena SWAN awards, the Race Equality Charter Mark and the Stonewall Index, how do academic managers appoint, support and develop their staff to protect the wellbeing of everyone who inhabits the shared spaces of the university learning environment.

This event will be a staged conversation and debate involving a small panel of colleagues drawing upon their own experiences of actions around inclusivity in the teaching of English.

Sun 11:30 am - 12:45 pm