Global Literatures: Twenty-First Century Perspectives

Jade Munslow OngMCRn

This roundtable brings together the editors of, and contributors to, the new Routledge series, Global Literatures: Twenty-First Century Perspectives. The roundtable discussions will address questions relating to recent theoretical and critical shifts from postcolonial to global literatures; world vs. global literatures; and the politics and aesthetics of regional, national and global literatures in the twenty-first century. The contributors will also address themes specific to the books in the series, including the environment (Jade Munslow Ong and Matthew Whittle), terror (Daniel O’Gorman), Caribbean literature (Sarah Lawson Welsh) and literature from the Middle East (Nadia Atia and Lindsey Moore). As the series is aimed primarily at undergraduate students, the roundtable aims to be widely accessible, providing an introduction to key issues in the study of global literatures, as well as signalling directions for future work in the field. There will be opportunity for audience contributions and questions as part of the session.

Confirmed roundtable participants:
Claire Chambers (Senior Lecturer in Global Literature, York)
Sarah Lawson Welsh (Associate Professor and Reader in English and Postcolonial Literatures, York St John)
Jade Munslow Ong (Lecturer in Nineteenth-Century Literature, Salford)
Shital Pravinchandra (Lecturer in Comparative Literature, QMUL)
Matthew Whittle (Lecturer in Postcolonial Literature, Kent)
Lindsey Moore (Senior Lecturer in English, Lancaster)
Daniel O’Gorman (Research Fellow in English, Oxford Brookes)

Sponsored by the Postcolonial Studies Association

Fri 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm