How to Get Published

Christabel ScaifeMCRk

This panel, organized by Liverpool University Press, is aimed at early career researchers. The publication process can sometimes be a daunting one for first-time authors, and this panel offers friendly advice, practical tips and insights into how an academic press works. Covering topics such as book series, journals and the process of converting a PhD into a monograph, it will include experienced speakers from both publishing and academia. Questions are very welcome and we look forward to a lively Q&A session.

Chair: Claire Jowitt, University of East Anglia

Christabel Scaife, Liverpool University Press
Christabel Scaife, Senior Commissioning Editor for Literary Studies at Liverpool University Press, shines a light on the sometimes vexed process of turning a PhD thesis into a monograph. She explores the important differences between a thesis and a book, as well as offering tips on how to put together an effective book proposal and what to expect from the peer review process.

Claire Jowitt, University of East Anglia/Jennifer Richards, University of Newcastle
We turn now from an editor’s perspective to an academic’s perspective on book publishing. Claire Jowitt and Jennifer Richards have both published prolifically with a wide range of well-known academic presses and have a lot of useful experience to share with first-time authors. In addition, as the editors of the book series English Association Monographs: English at the Interface they are able to provide a valuable insight into what series editors look for in a good book proposal.

Adam Hansen, Northumbria University
The final presentation moves from book publishing to the equally important area of journal publishing. Adam Hansen, one of the General Editors of English: The Journal of the English Association, gives an inside perspective on the workings of an academic journal and offers helpful practical advice to ECRs on how to get a journal article published.

Sat 9:15 am - 10:30 am