Plant Fetish

Scott ThurstonConference Room

Chanje Kunda

Plant Fetish + Masks

The show was created by performance artist Chanje Kunda who was suffering with stress and anxiety when she first discovered that plants soothe the soul. She then learnt that some women in Mexico, fed up with men, were getting married to trees. Trees aren’t very talkative, but they are tall, do great things for the planet, and are renowned for their wood. Chanje was inspired and surrendered to this notion. She fell in love with plants: fleshy succulents, monstera’s handshaped leaves, the Venus flytrap, the twining of a creeper. The pressures of life drifted away.
This show maps her journey, and will feature a harem of stunning tropical plants that dress the stage. There will be music and movement, dramatic narrative and metaphors of growth and renewal. The show ends on a climax…

I would like to research and develop a new show based on the concept of masquerade. The concept behind this is that: we have a 'face' that we show to the public, a 'face' that we show to our friends and family, and then the 'face' that we never show to anyone. It is thought in psychology that the face we never show to anyone is our true, authentic self.
Also, within the culture of celebration, masquerades are also part of pageantry, theatre, and celebration. In African culture, masks are cultural artefacts that show the history of a people.
I can research and develop the new show and present that in a digital format, as opposed to live, using text and visual imagery. People will be able to have an insight into the new show and an insight into the creative process I undertake when developing new work. This could be in the form of video content (performance for digital media), that could be available to delegates, as well as separate content I make available via social media platforms.

Chanje Kunda

Jayne Compton

Sat 3:45 pm - 5:00 pm