Poetry, Place, & Process: Exploring the Creative-Critical PhD

David Cooper 2MCRn

Debates surrounding the affordances and challenges of the creative-critical PhD emerged as one of the most engaging and energising themes during the inaugural ‘English: Shared Futures’ conference in Newcastle. This proposed session will build on those conversations by exploring the creative-critical PhD in relation to poetry and place. The session will bring together creative-critical practitioners from three different institutions with different research environments. At the same time, it will bring together researchers at different stages of their academic careers: senior lecturers with administrative responsibilities for postgraduate research (Duffy & Morgan); a recent PhD graduate (Campbell-Morris); and a current doctoral student (Burdett).

The session will primarily consist of a roundtable discussion based on key questions and themes that will be circulated to each of the participants in advance of the conference. The topics to be covered will include the integration of poetry and geographical theory; the ethics of working in and with local communities; interdisciplinary collaboration and experimentation; and the formal expectations and possibilities of the Creative Writing PhD. The panel will also consider the contemporary funding landscape and post-doctoral opportunities both within and outside the academy.

One of the overarching aims will be to see how those responsible for administering/supervising, and those producing postgraduate research, respond to the same set of questions. In keeping with the focus of the session, the roundtable conversation will also be punctuated by a series of poetic interventions in which each of the participants will read from their own place-specific creative-critical writings.

The session will be of particular interest to colleagues involved in supervising and producing postgraduate creative-critical research on poetry and place. Although the discussion will be rooted in this particular field, however, the session will also be of interest to anyone currently supervising and writing Creative Writing PhD theses, as well as any delegates who might be considering doctoral study.

Organiser: David Cooper & Nikolai Duffy (Manchester Met)
Natalie Burdett (Manchester Met)
David Cooper (chair)
Nikolai Duffy
Jake Campbell-Morris (Newcastle)
Ceri Morgan (Keele)

Fri 12:30 pm - 1:45 pm