Recreating Shakespeare in the classroom

Nigri LuciaMMUb

The status of Shakespeare as a focus in educational practice has no rival. Since 1989, Shakespeare is the only compulsory author to be studied in the National Curriculum for English (Olive 2015 and Irish 2016). Regardless of the possible political agenda implied in this decision, “the pedagogical value of Shakespeare as literary heritage” (Irish 2016: 7) consistently initiates – at national and international level – interest among practitioners of the discipline. In particular, the last decades have registered a rise in the number of multimedia re-appropriations of Shakespeare aimed at engaging young people with his work while facilitating access to different learning styles and providing opportunities to take advantages from different key resources (online editions, YouTube recording of theatrical performances, and so forth). Through sharing and discussing information, providing social support, and creating artistic media, educators have found ways to bridge the gap between making new generations appreciate Shakespeare’s linguistic intricacy and finding a way to benefit – critically and creatively – from newly accessible digital tools.

This session will focus on different ways of engaging with the intellectual strength, diversity, and creativity of teaching Shakespeare and will have contributors from different cultural and professional background.

Sat 3:45 pm - 5:00 pm