Salon: Barbara Bleiman, interviewed by Rachel Roberts

Barbara BleimanOpera Theatre

Welcome to our literary salon, where we ask a leading member of the profession about their life in the subject and the subject in their life, exploring their career, work, ideas and thoughts for the future in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

Barbara Bleiman is one of the most deeply-informed, thoughtful and influential commentators on teaching English in the country.  She was Co-Director of the English and Media Centre, and continues to work there as an Education Consultant and Co-Editor of emagazine. She was previously Head of English in an inner-city sixth form college and has nearly 40 years of experience of teaching English, providing CPD for teachers, publishing and contributing to educational developments and debates, including acting as a consultant to QCA and Awarding Bodies. In addition to her work for teachers and students, her widely-read blogs and pieces in the national media, she’s also published two novels. She was awarded the Outstanding COntribution to English Teaching Award by NATE in 2019. She will be interviewed by Rachel Roberts who teaches Secondary English Education at the University of Reading and is former lead English Teacher. She is also NATE’s Initial Teacher Education Committee Chair.

Sat 2:15 pm - 3:30 pm