Salon: David Crystal, interviewed by Rebecca Woods

David CrystalOpera Theatre

Welcome to our literary salon, where we ask a leading member of the profession about their life in the subject and the subject in their life, exploring their career, work, ideas and thoughts for the future in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

David Crystal, OBE, FBA, is one of the best known and most significant linguists in the UK, author of over 100 books, ranging widely over the field and for many different audiences. He is a frequent media presenter, commentator and contributor, a consultant to many national and international bodies and a globally respected scholar. We’ve all read some of his work. He will be interviewed by Rebecca Woods, lecturer in Language and Cognition at Newcastle University and external Relations Officer for The Linguistics Association of Great Britain: she writes that she is “primarily interested in questions, both main and embedded, and their syntax, semantics and acquisition”, which makes her an ideal interlocutor for David Crystal.

Sat 3:45 pm - 5:00 pm