Teaching and researching the Poet laureate: The impact of Carol Ann Duffy’s Laureateship on poetry inside and outside academia

Angelica MichelisMMUa

This panel wants to discuss the ways in which Carol Ann Duffy’s laureateship has affected the teaching and researching of contemporary poetry. The various contributions will pay attention to specific themes in her poetry (for example, the figure of the foreigner), the relationship between poetry, sexual and gender identity, concepts of national identity and the construction of new readers of poetry (for example, poetry for children). Speakers will be from an HE and sixth form background, a postgraduate student and poet who is completing a PhD in critical and creative writing and also teaches and organises workshops and courses on poetry outside academia. There will also be a participant from outside Britain, talking about teaching and researching Duffy’s work at a Chinese University. The panel will explore and discuss how Duffy's poetic output and outreach work has expanded the readership of poetry to reduce the gap between poets and potential readers. The various speakers will give a short introductory precis of their research and/or pedagogical work on Duffy’s poetry and then open the discussion to the room.

Fri 11:00 am - 12:15 pm