The British Society for Literature and Science roundtable: Turning English into STEAM - what can Literature do with Science, for schools, universities and the public?

Greg Lynall 2MCRk

Chair: Dr Greg Lynall (Chair of BSLS, and co-director of Literature & Science Hub, University of Liverpool)

LitSciPod - The Literature and Science Podcast: opportunities in new media and interdisciplinarity

Dr Catherine Charlwood (Early Career Researcher, University of Liverpool)
Dr Laura Ludtke (Scholar-in-Residence, Queen’s University, Canada (Bader International Study Centre))

Building the Book of Nature: Literature and Science in Natural History Museums

Professor John Holmes (Professor of Victorian Literature and Culture, University of Birmingham)
Professor Janine Rogers (Head of Department, the Reverend William Purvis Chair of English Literature, and Professor of Medieval and Sixteenth-Century Literature, Mount Allison University, Canada)

Insects Through the Looking-Glass: communicating the science of the climate and biodiversity crisis through literature

Dr Fran Kohlt (University of York)

Perspectives on STEAM

Professor Martin Willis (Professor of English Literature, and Head of the School of English, Communication and Philosophy, Cardiff University)

LEARNED SOCIETIES STRAND: The British Society for Literature and Science 

Sat 12:45 pm - 2:00 pm