The Public Humanities in the 21st Century: Roundtable Discussion

Zoe Bulaitis 1Opera Theatre

We will host a roundtable, in collaboration with Routledge, on ‘The Public Humanities in the 21st Century’. The purpose will be to consider the work and role of the humanities in the UK, and specifically the subject of English, in contemporary civic life. The roundtable features leading scholars in the field of literary studies and reflect on the idea of a/the public humanities. Our confirmed speakers offer varied and informed perspectives.

The session is intended to be exploratory and form a starting point for future research into the intersections between literary research, philosophies, publishing, and teaching in relation to public life in the twenty-first century. In this roundtable discussion, we invite speakers to reflect on the potential for the concept of a ‘public humanities’ which will develop and move beyond the well-established ‘value of the humanities’ debate and the critique of the marketization of university. Speakers will be offered the opportunity for a short provocation (5 minutes with prompts provided in advance) before broadening into a panel discussion with engagement and questions from the audience.

The roundtable aims: to better articulate and understand the relationship the humanities has to public and civil life; to explore the ways in which the humanities has evolved, or might evolve, within higher education in the twenty-first century; and, to reflect on how we might develop forms of scholarship that ensure not just adaptation and survival, but ones that effect change in the wider environment.

Dr Zoe Bulaitis (Research Associate, School of Arts, Languages and Cultures, University of Manchester)

Dr Sarah Dillon (University Lecturer in Literature and Film, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge)

Fri 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm