The Work of our Learned Societies

Gail MarshallLecture Theatre

This will be a moderated conversation between the heads of 5 learned societies, who will reflect on the work of their associations, consider how that work might change in future, analyse challenges that lie ahead, and discuss how best societies can work together to address the current landscape. The impetus for the session comes from a recent meeting of representatives of several of our learned societies, and the shared sense of that meeting that working more closely together would be highly beneficial to the societies themselves, but also to the broader English eco-system.

Participants will include:
Dinah Birch (British Association for Victorian Studies)
Andrew King (Victorian Popular Fiction Association)
Anshuman Mondal (Postcolonial Studies Association)
Cara Rodway (British Association for American Studies)
Jeremy Scott (International Association of Literary Semantics)

Sun 11:30 am - 12:45 pm