Victorianists in Academic Leadership

Alice JenkinsMMUb

This panel will be a roundtable discussion led by five female scholars of Victorian literature and culture who hold institutional leadership positions, ie. roles which include responsibility for units other than English. We will discuss how our work in English literature and Victorian studies affects our attitudes and approaches as academic leaders. What does university English look like for someone both within and outside an English department or unit? Do we approach issues of soft power, resources, and information flow in ways that are influenced by our research practice or topics? Do we apply for or accept leadership roles for Victorian(ist) reasons? How are these issues inflected by gender? And how does experience in leadership work in turn affect our identity and work as Victorianists?

The panel will invite audience members to share their experience of engagement with academic leadership at any level and from any specialism within English studies.

Prof. Kirstie Blair (Strathclyde)
Prof. Alice Jenkins (Glasgow)
Prof. Juliet John (Royal Holloway University of London)
Prof. Gail Marshall (Reading)
Prof. Marion Thain (King’s College London)

Sun 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm