An interview with Tom Jenks

In this E: SF small press podcast, Tom Jenks discusses zimZalla, a publishing project releasing unique literary objects that transgress the boundaries between high and low culture, art and novelty. In this episode, Tom talks about poetry in the physical form, his belief in pushing back against a totalitarian view of the literary subject, and his interest in the digital possibilities of poetry. He discusses several of the presses more recent publications and tells us what he has been reading in Lockdown.

zimZalla is a small press based in Manchester, UK, specialising in literary objects. Established in 2009, zimZalla has published literature in the form of board games, tiny books, big books, blank books, totally blue books, pin badges, test tubes, globes, fish and chip boxes and much more.

Aside from editing zimZalla, Tom Jenks is a writer with thirteen published books, the most recent being A Long and Hard Night Troubled by Visions (if p then q, 2018). Other publications include The Tome of Commencement (Stranger Press, 2014), a spreadsheet translation of the Book of Genesis, and An Anatomy of Melancholy (Sad Press, 2016), a Twitter re-write of Robert Burton’s The Anatomy of Melancholy.

Presented and produced by Dr Eleanor Beal for English Shared Futures online

Find out more about zimZalla Press: nightjarpress.weebly.com
Find out more about Tom Jenks by following him on Twitter: @zimZalla